The Order of the Museum,
A Theory of the Museum as Meaning Format

From July 2009 onwards

The master thesis Does Place Matter in Museology, An Inquiry into Michel Foucault’s Heterotopia for Expanding Current Museological Theory with a Theoretical Element of Place (table of contents and first chapter can be downloaded here), proposes a synthesis between the results of the twentieth century theory on cultural space and museological theory. This synthesis would, however, urge a radical definition of the museological cornerstones museality, authenticity and the time and place in which meaning is understood to occur. (In)stability is introduced as a vital factor in museological thinking and practice. As a result, the ‘Does Place Matter’ inquiry proposes to look at the inner working of the museum in terms of selection, distance/proximity and (in)stability. The research project at hand is a continuation of the above mentioned inventorying thesis that seeks to further analyse these thoughts and check them with museum theory and practice in more detail.



Collection analysis and collection profile of the zoological collection of the University Museum Groningen

June 2006 – November 2006

Central to this project was the analysis of the information structure, role and application of the collections of the University of Groningen (RUG) in general. The project furthermore involved the establishment of a detailed collection profile of the Univerity Museum’s zoological collection. The project resulted in a draft for a collection plan and an advice for structuring the anticipated cooperation and collection exchange between the University Museum Groningen and two other museums in the northern Netherlands and a practical approach for the moving of objects into the museum storage. See the publications page for details on the related publications that further elaborate on the complexity of academic heritage that evolves from scientific archivalia into cultural musealia.